Let's Eat

In the spirit of honest and open disclosure – I am not a chef.  In fact, I don’t even regard myself as a gifted cook.

But …

I want to eat healthy, yummy food preferably prepared at home.  Oh, and the food preparation must not be complicated.  As a health coach with a high level of interest on wellness, it is important for me to be walk the talk.

All the featured recipes have been tried and tested by me.  Most of the photos have also been taken by me. (Did I mention that I am not a photographer? )

In short, I value the use of the best ingredients available to me within my limitations.  I am always on the hunt for high quality, organic, humanely sourced ingredients.  Farmer’s markets became part of my collection of happy places.

I eat mostly plant based with emphasis on consuming a good portion raw.  In addition, I use high quality fats and small portions of animal products.


23 July 2017

This healthy but decadent choc mouse is a FAT BURNER! Read More

Healthy Limey Strawberry Smoothie

1 July 2017

The divine combination that is lime and strawberry... Read More

Peary Fennel & Beet Salad

17 June 2017

This fresh & healthy salad is perky enough to replace a light meal! Read More

Green Veggie Soup

25 May 2017

Although uber healthy, this soup tastes extremely luxurious. Read More

Ginger Butternut Soup

25 May 2017

This healthy aromatic soup can also be made with any pumpkin of choice or even with sweet potato. Read More

Hot Velvet Choc Drink

25 May 2017

Hot chocolate with a luxurious, velvety taste but still healthy. Fit for a king! (Had to spin something about my delightful cup ...) Read More

Minty Choc Monster Smoothie

25 May 2017

My FIRM health coach favourite! Super healthy, nutrient dense, providing fuel all day long. Read More

Very Berry Pear Smoothie

24 May 2017

Healthy & festive for all occasions! Read More

CocoBerry Quencher

24 May 2017

A healthy drink to re-hydrate the system! Read More

Banana Maca Smoothie

24 May 2017

This healthy smoothie has the super food x-factor of maca! Read More

Chicken Tagine

24 May 2017

The healthy version of Moroccan cooking in a tagine. Read More

Nut Butter Balls

24 May 2017

A yummy healthy snack to stave off the sweet cravings. The recipe yields six balls & two balls represent one serving. Read More

Beef Bone Broth

22 May 2017

The ultimate healthy snack or even healthy basis for hearty soups. Read More

Creamy Asparagus & Leek Soup

22 May 2017

A healthy soup with a luxurious texture & taste. Read More

Yummy Veggie & Chicken Broth

15 May 2017

Although this broth is delicious as a snack, it can also be used as the basis for an array of veggie soups. Read More

Spicy Orange Smoothie

13 May 2017

This spicy number can easily be mistaken for a decadent cocktail ... Read More