Let’s Kick off the Health and Wellness Journey!

I am really, really, really EXCITED to kick off my health coaching blog!

Good, with that being said, I can tell you that I am seriously interested (trying to avoid the cliché such as this is my passion!) in all aspects of health and wellness. But … oh well, I am PASSIONATE about health and wellness. I am geeky about health and wellness.

I have pursued this interest for a long time. Every day I spend an hour or more researching. I became the go to person within my circle of influence when advice is needed. Therefore, I decided to formalise my knowledge by obtaining a formal certification as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) school in New York. What a blessing it was to complete this training!

Although I believe that such a formal education is a necessity, I strive to enhance my knowledge on a continuous basis. I endorse the concept of lifelong learning and this field of health and wellness is on a rapid trajectory with new information emerging constantly.

I love to stay on the almost bleeding edge of new information and use mostly myself as guinea pig. I regard myself as somewhat of a bio-hacker on one proviso, and that is that the basics must always be honoured. In this quest of mine, I have already helped a bunch of people which gives me true joy.

My presence as a Health Coach will always reflect my authenticity. My musings will be based on my own opinions and interpretations and must only be regarded as informational. I am not a medical practitioner and do not dispense any medical advice.

And then, this presence comes from my heart, mostly produced by myself. No promises of carefully edited high end media. Mostly my own photos taken with my phone.

My goal is to keep on learning to help others (and myself!). I invite you to join me on this journey searching for the pot of extreme wellness at the end of the rainbow and maybe I can be of assistance to you.