During a health coaching session, a client asked me the other day:

“What is the best weapon in your arsenal to achieve wellbeing?”

I didn’t have to think twice before replying:

“Mindset.  It is definitely mindset.”

The cliché of having an open mind remains a true north truth.  The ability to adapt to change is almost a super power.  In the business world I have learnt that the ever-changing business landscape dictates mindset change.  New business drivers sometimes force change instead of gently nudging the workforce to accept change.

In my younger years I totally bought into the belief that everything must be fair.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  Now, I feel borderline embarrassed by my sheer arrogance.  Speak of a limiting belief system.  Oh boy, did I have to travel a rocky journey of falling from high horses?

Due to a few soap-opera like DRAMAS, I adopted the mindset of being the victim.  Poor little me.  Luckily this phase didn’t last too long because life presented me with a few teachers that bitch-slapped me right out of victim mode.  Immensely painful at the time but now parked in my blessings jar of lessons learnt.

What am I trying to bring across?

Life is all about mindset.  The moment I decided to take brutal responsibility for everything that happen to me, I leaped ahead.  This is true empowerment.  The value of failure is always the lesson in which it is packaged.

When I stumbled across the book, “Mindset” by Carol S. Dweck all the pieces of the puzzle fell snugly into place.  Carol Dweck is a renowned psychologist from Stanford University and in this book, she masterfully articulates the power of mindset.  The absolute pearl from her book is the depiction of a GROWTH mindset as opposed to a FIXED mindset.  But, I will not divulge too much …

In practical terms on my health and wellness path, I find that it is possible to discard limitations by always checking in on your mindset.  For instance, if you think it is impossible to conquer sugar cravings, guess what will happen?  If you open your mind to tips and techniques to address the sugar addiction, the opportunity becomes endless.

The answer is an evolving lifestyle driven by an open mind and a growth mindset.

Ps. Read the book!